If you love natural beauty products and live with natural resources Aloe Vera is in the top of your list to live with. Thousands of researches had done on Aloe Vera and everyone found it beneficial in all circumstance in whole World. Aloe Vera as a natural resource of beauty and beauty products. You can consume aloe vera in different ways like you can use beauty product made of aloe vera gel. You can drink Aloe Vera juice. You can Use aloe vera pulp for your skin as you can apply it on your body. You can drink it as an substitute for your drinkable items. You can add its juice with other juice like orange juice, banana shake and other juice. But Ayurveda always find in to take 50ML fresh aloe vera alone in morning before any breakfast and early in the morning. If you drink aloe vera juice in 50 ml for seven days you will get amazing results in a week instead of applying it on your skin. Aloe Vera gives amazing results in all forms.

Aloe Vera is a plant which we produce in large scale and supply to many companies for herbal and beauty products all over the world. But as its natural juice and pulp have amazing results and give thankworthy  effect of human body you are selling its pulp online in fresh form which you can use according your requirements and how you like to use it.

Trying aloe Vera  to buy online just wait for a minute because it is available in the market in low prices as some big online shooing platform hiking the high price for this super product for your daily needs. Aloe Vera have some amazing effects on good cholesterol and stomach problem, make good digestion system and eliminate the toxin from our body so aloe Vera consumption is a good ways to get rid from the many serious disease.


Among the other herbal products Aloe Vera is an amazing ingredient to improve hair health & promotes hair growth.  It sometimes takes not months, but years for your hair to get to the length you want. So what's a girl to do to speed up the process? Well, a girl could use simple home remedies that boost hair growth. Using Aloe Vera juice for health and Aloe Vera gel for beauty can work wonders for many Using Aloe Vera juice for health and Aloe Vera gel for beauty can work wonders for many years. Many people keep aloe vera plants at home and use the thick, clear gel inside the leaves to help soothe burns and heal wounds.

Aloe Vera gel can also be used as an aftershave treatment as it will both hydrate the skin and help heal razor burn and small nicks. Most of the people don’t know that Aloe Vera consists of 150 nutritional components that include minerals, enzymes, lignin’s, salicylic acids, saponins, sterols, amino acids and anthraquinones.

Aloe vera extract or aloe vera juice contains 96 – 97% water, it hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.
Aloe vera extract or aloe vera juice Anti-oxidants like zinc, magnesium and selenium repairs and protect the skin from damage caused by pollution, harsh chemicals and sun.

The minerals and vitamins present in fresh Aloe vera extract or aloe vera juice will lessen the pigmentation by reducing melanin production in the skin.
It reduces oil, sebum content, while soothes and moisturizes the skin.
if you are taking Aloe vera extract or aloe vera juice presence of amino acids combined with anti-oxidants help in reloading the collagen and elastin of the skin.

Useful Tips and Precautions when you are taking aloe vera:

Aloe vera gel gets spoiled when exposed to air and sunlight, so be quick and careful when extracting the juice from aloe vera leaves. As soon as you extract the gel from aloe vera leaves, use it immediately.
It is important to remove the yellow liquid that oozes out while extracting the gel from aloe vera leaves as it is toxic.
When aloe vera is directly applied, people with sensitive skin may experience irritation. So dilute with water and do a patch test before using aloe vera gel.
Aloe vera can be taken orally, but limit intake to 1 or 2 tablespoons per day and add with other substances.

Children below 12 years should avoid the intake of aloe vera.

Women who are pregnant, planning or breastfeeding women should avoid intake of aloe vera.

vera Always be hydrated and consume a proper diet.


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Ayurved me tulsi be mahtta kisi se chupi nahi hai. Tulsi apne aap me ek oshadhi hai. Iska har ek bhag hamare sharir ke liye bahut hi matthapurd davai ke room me kaam aata hai. Hum free of cost tulsi aapke ghar me lagane ke liye free bhej rahen hai. Tulsi works great on the skin, whether you eat raw leaves or apply a paste to the face. The health benefits of holy basil, also known as tulsi, include oral care, relief from respiratory disorders, as well as treatment of fever, asthma, lung disorders, heart diseases and stress.

it helps is following

  • Helps in Weight Loss. ...
  • Reduces Body Heat. ...
  • Controls Blood Sugar Levels. ...
  • Relieves Constipation and Bloating. ...
  • Treats Acidity and Heartburn. ...
  • For Healthy Skin and Hair. ...
  • Cures Cough and Flu


If you are looking  maximum health benefits, drink three to five cups daily. Tulsi Tea can be enjoyed throughout the day, from morning to night. However, even one cup of Tulsi Tea a day is beneficial. During times of illness, the quantity and the strength of ORGANIC INDIA TULSI TEA can be increased to quicken recovery


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The following features of Saharanpur handmade furniture rosewood wooden flower bot  items will attract you for sure:

  • This rosewood wooden flower bot Superior quality of hard wood
  • Rosewood wooden flower bot Super fine handmade crafting methods
  • Amazing crafting designer patterns
  • Rosewood wooden flower bot Variety of color choices
  • Water proof painted furnished surface
  • Rosewood wooden flower bot Easy to handle and comfort for use
  • Insect proof spraying
  • Long lasting lifetime
  • Fixed joints and proper sealing
  • Variable measures and dimensions

Enjoy rosewood wooden flower pot in the range of Solid wood Furniture online purchasing rosewood wooden flower bot on handmade wooden furniture in range of affordable budget at exclusive sale offers. We promise quality assurance about products. Observe your living room arena like dimensions and layout. You can have lot of selection options for different wooden furniture items on our website. Take a look, make a choice and place an order. Your package will be along with you in time period of one week. We accept payment either through credit card by cash on delivery. We love to provide customer’s satisfaction in our products. Suggestions regarding our goods will be definitely recommended till standards. birchi is unique store from the wood carving hub of India.


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Tree of life sheesham trivet.

Especially for the elders Online shopping brings awesome deals for you and your wards as it showcases plethora of options at one stop and offers great discounts also. I personally invite you and recommend to buy handicraft furniture as it brings handsome quality for you and your wards. enjoys its presence in both the offline and online space and is a single stop destination for all types of furniture, decor and kitchenware shopping. It has its presence in all including Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Delhi, and Mumbai.


Tree of life sheesham trivet is an amazing handmade wooden item to feel you happy in the ways of sense. This Tree of life sheesham trivet is an amazing item for all the ways where people love the work what they look. If you have great sense of feeling you must try this Tree of life sheesham trivet. This has an amazing size of 3 inch diameter and 50mm thickness made of pure sheesham red wood.

The amazing nurtured from the Tree of life sheesham trivet enhances the luxury of your hotels and your customers remark the item nurtured your feeling. Tree of life sheesham trivet is one of the best and remarkable products in your service.

If you try this once you will catch the item in accordingly and enhance the matures nature of your customers.


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wooden handicraft money saver for your wards. the quality of so nice that everyone can love it. this is an amazing item for child to teach them to save money for future.


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This Wooden Flower Pot  is a useful item for household to port the fresh flowers. The flowers can easily port and fresh for a long period of time and give fresh and sweet smell for a  long time

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Sheesham  wood Antique Chair is made of pure sheesham wood and every peace will give you peace of mind . High quality and pure Sheesham wood used to design the chair.  this antique chair not only will decorate your home office or Mahal but also will feel marvolous. We are selling item in per unit but you can order more than one according to your requirements. colors will be match according to your requirements and design in fency look attractive for your kids

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100% Sheesham wood made handcraft item and  and pure sheesham red wood item for a long lasting period of time
This five sitter standard size can be designed according to your requirement for your trace garden or  hall. You can make a call before order this product to make sure you are getting the actual product require for your family. I am sure you not only will feel luxurious, but also get the value of your money.

A beautiful pure  Sheesham wood 5 chair set a place where all the family members enjoy their happy meal with each other. Bring these durably made finest chairs and table set in your home, that can enlarge your home d?cor with the famous woody, coffee and Sheesham wood color.

Exactly after ordering this article, we would like to assist you with your orders details and delivery services through a phone call, either you can call for any help or any query else our automatic CRM system with contact you for the full satisfied services from our side.

Features of Pure Sheesham Wood Dining Table:-

  • High tensile wooden 5 chairs and a center table
  • A set consist of complete comfort
  • Available set of crockery with the other options
  • Facility of chair sets having embedded sofas
  • Best in design and color.

The whole set include 5 chairs and a table that can be used to place at any multipurpose sitting ventures like studying, watching TV or the hangout with the friends. This Pure Sheesham wood 5 chair set set also come with solid bench of two sitter capacity, which can be used for the multipurpose functionality, where you can also place your show pieces and ceramics pots.

Be with the part of this relish, pleasing and alluring article for your sweet home which make your relatives together for some joy and happiness.

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if you are looking Neem Ki Patti Herbal Product we  are delivering it at your door step . We are sending absolutely fresh leaves in a pack so that the values of the leave you get.

Neem Ki Patti Neem Leves

Neem Ki Patti Neem Leves


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Neem Datun 10 PCS or neem twigs

Before buying this item read the following articles AAjTak and kayakaru Punjab kesari. All of the above articles clearly explain the importance and benefits of neem datum you can find on your ways.

These facts are clearly mentioned

Neem Ki Datun Ka Istemal Karne Ke Fayde

Danto Me Keede Se Bachav

Baccho ko danto me keeda hone ki samasya to aam hai. Agar ap niyamit rup se neem ke datun se danto ko saaf karenge to kabhi bhi danto me keede lagne ki samasya nahi hogi, kyonki yah anti-bacterial hoti hai.

Muh Me Badbu aur Sadan Se Rahat Dilati Hai

Ayurved ke anusar neem ki datun anti-bacterial hone ke karan yah muh me badbu, danto me sadan puss adi ko hone se rokti hai.

Muh Ke Chhalo (Mouth Ulcer) Ko Jaldi Thik Karti Hai

Neem ke datun ka anti-viral gun muh ke chhalo ko jaldi thik hone me bahut help karta hai aur unka baar-baar ana kam karta hai.

Danto Ke Dard Me Asardar Rup Se Kaam Karta Hai

Neem ke datun ko acchi tarah se dhokar dhire-dhire chabana chahiye, usse jo ras nikalta hai vah danto ke dard ko dur karta hai kyonki isme anti-bacterial, anti-fungal aur anti-viral gun hote hai. Sath hi neem ke datun se brush karne se masude (gums) majbut hote hai, jiske karan old age me danto ki koi samasya nahi hoti.

Danto Ka Peelapan Dur Karta Hai

Ajkal tarah-tarah ke junk food khane ki vajah se danto me peelapan ki samasya ho gai hai. Neem ke datun se jo ras nikalta hai vah danto ke peelapan ko saf karke unhe safed, swasth aur chamakdar banata hai.

Face Look Ko Behtar Banata Hai

Kahte hai ki datun ko chabane se jo chehre ka vyayam hota hai usse face par ek silk look aa jata hai.

Dhyan dene ki baat yah hai ki neem ka datun kadva hone ke karan garbhvati mahilaye (pregnant women) aur chhote bacche na hi istemal kare to accha hai, ho sakta hai kadvepan ke karan unhe jee machalna ya ulti (vomiting) hone ki samasya ho. Neem ke datun se danto ko ragadna nahi chahiye balki pahle dhire-dhire chabana chahiye fir jab vah brush ki tarah mulayam ho jay tab dhire-dhire daanto ko isse saaf karna chahiye. Yaha tak isko chabane se jeebh bhi saaf ho jati hai. Isliye toothpaste aur brush chhode aur neem ka datun apnaye fir apne danto me aye fark ko dekhe.


I am sure after reviewing these factors affecting your body and tooth you will find the item very useful and accordance to the ayurveda.

If you store the Neem datun in freeze these will be useable for 3 -5 months of purchase time.  

One datum can be used for a week or more easily. If you are using this neem datun first time just wash the need datun and reuse it for next day or next time. I am sure this will give you an amazing experience.

100 % Natural Neem Chew Stick Toothbrushes, Buy original labeled Kaashvi Neem stick.

 No sugar or Preservatives, The simple explanation is that you put one stick in your mouth and nibble off the bark with your teeth. Then, you chew on the inside fibers until they separate like bristles. The sticks are hard, and this process takes a while

 Promotes Optimum Oral Health, Removing the soft plaque from the anaerobic back of the tongue also makes a big difference in overall oral hygiene and levels of harmful bacteria

 It kills harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, and stop bacteria and plaque from sticking to your teeth, be careful not to injure the gums in the process. It doesn't taste real nice, by the way. Bitter.

 STORAGE: "For best results, refrigerate or freeze until you're ready to use them but keep them in paper not plastic."Do Not Store in a GLASS JAR.

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Hello Guys!!! Hope you are enjoying your tea and coffee with every morning, here with us we have something beautiful, which can grow your sweetness and style.

Bring this Solid Wood Bench For Park and Out door having well-furnished wooden Sheesham  to cover up your relaxation time when you are feeling bored. These big yet Solid Wood Bench For Park and Out door, not just only designed for the safety of your furniture but enlarge the style of your gathering amongst your friends and family members. 

This Solid Wood Bench For Park and Out door consists of well manufactured chair which can make to and fro motion on pushing and at the sitting area we keep the entire coaster to give it a lovely look. You can place your Solid Wood Bench For Park and Out door as any wooden toy or the furniture you want.

It is very easily handed coaster set manufactured with handmade techniques in wooden texture. The unique artistic design will be the perfect attraction of home décor as classic masterpiece. The Solid Wood Bench For Park and Out door shape will serve as collective for the size of your relaxation.

 This type of comfortable handling is provided for each part for which pin is pointed in side surface for easily placing it on your roof or in Garden. Moreover, it will also prevent your time from the dirty marks of tea as these can be easily cleaned with dry cloth.

Special Features:

  • Quantity of set : One
  • size of Solid Wood Bench For Park and Out door : 6 fit
  • Color : Blackish brown or whatever you are looking for
  • Material : Solid Wood
  • Manufacturing Techniques : Handmade
  • Comfortable Handling
  • Ultimate Designer Art
  • Price for Worth Product


You can order this beautiful designer kitchen ware item from the website of Saharanpur Furniture as now at affordable price. It can be best gift price for your friends on special occasions.

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Solid Wooden Elephant is made of pure solid wooden from the wood carving hub of India.
we are very relevant of Items including the design and structure.are made of elegant sheesham wood and according to design and long lasting design durablity.


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Welcome to Solid Wood Furniture । Online furniture Shopping India-Birchi

Welcome to Online furniture Shopping site

Birchi is an online mega store of Solid Wood Furniture online from the Wood Carving and Handicraft Furniture hub of India for  hight quality handicraft Wooden furniture items. This Website Help you collect Solid Wood Furniture online for  the daily use products on local prices and deliver at your door step. Birchi is a prominent name in the furniture industry specially for solid wood furniture. Our years of experience in Solid Wood Furniture  now online to serve the Nation as a onlne furniture shopping site in India. Our hightly Qualitiy customized and fully handmade products not only save your time to search and bargain in the market but also save your the money. The clean and modern design of our products allows you to use the items for years. we are starting to sale small products and want to get your feedback for these products. We are not the World best online Furniture site in India but we want to be and this is only possible with your response and recommendation.

Birchi will provide you high quality Solid Wood Furniture products and delivery your door step with best courier services in India.

In the western world of the modern century, to endure the glamour of your living arena or home, online furniture shopping in India is the best prior option of choice. To have a worth superior quality product is the desire of every human being. In accordance to maintain your ultimate trendy choice Solid wood furniture online store is here for you with a classic collection of handmade wooden furniture for all your daily needs.

You can buy online woodcarving furniture and enjoy home decoration with beautifully crafted wooden items. From Birchi Furniture you can buy online cheap furniture with very reasonable price at exclusive sale offers. You can take look look of antique articles by visiting our website and can place an order. The delivery of the products will be very soon to your home within one week after placing the order.

A wide range of fabulous designer Solid Wood Furniture products are available that not only enhance the look of living area but also let you feel the amazing touch of royal creative patterns. All of Solid Wood furniture items are designed with the use of furnished and prior 100% pure quality of woods with a graceful touch of traditional patterns.

Handmade wooden carved serving cart, single stand wooden bangle stand, wooden rolling massage of foot, hand and back pain , wooden 4 shelf flexure corner rack, wood and iron magazine holder, wooden flexure garden chair wooden chair coaster set.You can have idealistic patterns of wooden articles including table of all sizes, household kitchen articles like spoon set in varying sizes, soup spoon set, chairs of standard dimensions, wall hangings, key rings and many more.There is no compromise in maintaining quality and satisfaction of our valuable customers. All of the articles are crafted with super modern and high techniques to produce customer willing products. Our Solid Wood furniture articles cover almost all areas of home décor including kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kid playing items and decorative pieces and many more. You can also have wooden seats that are most demanding product for personal benefits of health.


About us is an online store from the Wood Carving city on higher demand of our customers to provide high quality handicraft items on local prices. We are a prominent name in the furniture industry in saharanpur. Our years of experience now online to serve the Nation. Our highly customized and fully hand made products not only save your time to search and bargain in the market but also save your  the money . The clean and modern design of our products allows you to use the items for years. we are starting to sale small products and want to get your feedback for these products. We are not the world best online store but we want to be and this is only possible with your response and recommendation.

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