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Double Bed Design With Price

Double Bed Design With Price

In this post I am looking to give you all the details about Double Bed with Prices and graphics so that you can easily find out your product from our store. No matter where are you from but everyone have a home and need relax after a long hard working period of time. You need to refresh your body Mind and soul. If you are looking to continue your work next day you must have to relax and this bed will help you to get healthy Sleep. I am sure after reading this post you will easily decide the best double bed for you and your family.

 Double Bed for any home, cottage, motels, ashram or hotels now available in a wide range start from 10000INR to 400000 INR, It is depend on your budget what you are looking in wide of Double Bed Series. Here we have added a wide range of double bed design with price. In this range you will find standard quality of double bed in lower price range to super quality double bed in luxurious price range.

Size of the Double Bed

Whether you are looking a Double Bed an Single Bed, a Dewan or any furniture items for your home the prices is always depend on its manufacturing process and material used.  The prices of a wooden double bed depend on size. If you are looking a bed for a Kids Room the size of the Bed will be reduced according to the age and height of the Kid.  If Kids are teenagers it might be the bed will be same and standards size. You are in the Section of Carved wooden Bed and carved wooden bedroom furniture on Carved wooden furniture .

A Standard Carved wooden Bed is a set of two carved wooden Beds is 3x6 feet of size which are adjusted together for a couple, twins, toddler of for a pair of guests it makes a double bed design with price. Carved wooden Double Bed is bigger sizes than a single adult bed and available in full size, Queen Size, King size or in Eastern as California King Size Double Bed for a Couple. With some other furniture items including a Dresser, a Small Makeup Stool (in India), a dressing mirror, an Almira with a Nightstand.

Why Double is so special for your family

Under the Home Furniture range the carved wooden double bed is the key piece of home furniture. Double Bed is the essential part as every family looking it relaxed. You spend whole day in hard work and need to relax so that you can recharge your body for next day.

This might be possible when you sleep well without any interfere during that period of time. Bedroom naturally becomes the focal point in a family especially newly married couple which enjoys their happiest time on such furniture. A Quality Double Bed is very essential in loving time. Because you are looking to recharged and relaxed in that period of time.

Carved wooden Bedroom furniture is designed and manufactured with solid wood with lots of carving on wooden material. A great arrangement of  these different carved wooden furniture pieces in new way. To get a smart carved wooden bed traditionally arranged according to a few general rules. Therefore most part based on general knowledge; here are some general Rules  and guidelines which everyone can follow to arrange the carved wooden Double Bed.

Guideline to purchase a Double Bed

As Double Bed and other beds are costlier products and you have to invest a lot in purchase of these furniture items. Double Bed furniture for bedroom specially bed of a bedroom set which is group of furniture items. Which including carved wooden bed, a dressing table and a small table with lamp which consists of a group of furniture items in a bedroom or sleeping quarters.

 Such types of carved wooden furniture items for bed room are referred to make their life healthier. So if you are searching double bed design with price you are just a few steps behind to find out your choice.

As everyone want to sleep without any disturbance so that they can feel good next day.  Bedrooms are for “carved wooden bed” purposes: Valuable and healthy sleeping, feel pleasant and restful time, and body recovery time. When you are looking to find out a good and pleasant rest you must have a healthy bedroom with all the furniture items so that you can feel comfort In order to sleep well, a body has to relax fully. TV news and commercials, computers, and stressful paperwork do not support the purpose of a bedroom.

Our Series of Carved wooden Bed have the ability to give you maximum comfort, healthier relaxation, best suite in new ways and stylish design to make your bedroom a heaven. A bedroom with the proper set of furniture can be a perfect place for solace. From carved wooden beds to wardrobes, chest of drawers to nightstand is the best items for your bedroom.

We have a wide range of carved wooden beds and you can select any one two or more according to your requirements size style, color, design and needs.

  • When you are looking to buy a carved wooden bed you need to arrange a carved wooden bed because it need extra care for curves so that the this can serve for a long period of time without break.
  • You must follow traditional rules like folks tend to place a double carved wooden bed, queen-sized carved wooden bed, or king-sized carved wooden bed against the center of the wall opposite the main door to the room. 
  • Why such types of adjustment and arrangement, your headboard is the center of attention of the visitors and as they enter the room.

If the dimensions of your room to dot allow you from positioning differ than, your carved wooden bed on the wall across from the door, other new possible choices depend on which walls are long and stable than and enough to accommodate the carved wooden bed. Diagonal placement works well when you have the space.

  • When you are arranging carved wooden bed you  must love it and please do not arrange such type of furniture under a window, or a wall hole where you are seeing extra air and rainy water comes.
  • Because if the window will frequently be open changes are carved wooden bed may be broken. Opening windows may be creating uncomfortable drafts on bed. If you are arranging your carved wooden bed between two windows, however, works well.

When your bed room is air-conditioned or heated year-round and the windows are seldom open occasionally, you may be able to ignore this rule.

  • Do not place the carved wooden bed where it obstructs a door into the room or a walkway through the room.
  • Always take a measurement and size of the bedroom so that you can purchase a perfect piece of bed for your bedroom. This is as discussed above a Double Bed is a costlier product and cannot replace the purchased item easily. Better is you have to select the right Double Bed for your bedroom.
  • If there is any dent or scratch in your ordered Double Bed ask before it the ship.
  •  Double check every Leg of the Double bed and every leg should be proper and tough to ground. If there is any of the leg is not touching the ground you have to ask to change the leg or make it proper.
  • Check the Drawers of your Double Bed and open in and out and make sure every of drawer working properly and not have a sound in the drawers.
  • If your Double bed have boxed make sure it is covered and fixed with the adhesive properly. No extra skewer or any loose skewer may harm you or family member.
  • Every Double Bed or single bed must need a mattress. Ask about the density and quality of the mattress they are providing with the double bed. So that you can get Furniture is the quality and prices you are paying for.

These are some basic points have to read and keep in your mind before purchasing double bed after all you are spending your pocket money. You deserve the quality you are paying for.  

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